Calitha GOLD Parser Engine Documentation

com.calitha.goldparser.content Namespace

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
ActionSubRecord The ActionSubRecord is a part of a record that define action in a LALR state.
ActionSubRecordCollection ActionSubRecordCollection contains parts a record that define the actions in a LALR state.
CGTContent The CGTContent contains all the records that is needed to implement a parser.
CGTContentException This exception is thrown if something is wrong with the cgt content. For example if there are not enough entries in a record.
CharacterSetRecord The CharacterSetRecord is a record that defines a character set.
CharacterSetTable CharacterSetTable contains a list of CharacterSet records.
DFAStateRecord The DFAStateRecord is a record that defines a DFA state.
DFAStateTable The DFAStateTable contains a list of DFA state records.
EdgeSubRecord The EdgeSubRecord defines an edge (transaction) between DFA states.
EdgeSubRecordCollection EdgeSubRecordCollection contains a part of a DFA state record. It defines the edges (transactions) between DFA states.
InitialStatesRecord The InitialStatesRecord identifies the starting states for the DFA and LALR parser.
LALRStateRecord The LALRStateRecord is a record the defines a LALR state.
LALRStateTable LALRStateTable is a list of records the define LALR states.
Parameters The Parameter define miscellaneous parameters of the compiled grammar.
RuleRecord The RuleRecord is a record the defines a rule to reduce tokens.
RuleTable The RuleTable contains a list of rules.
SymbolRecord The SymbolRecord is a record that defines a symbol.
SymbolTable The SymbolTable contains a list of symbol records.
TableCounts The TableCounts contain how many record there are for symbols, character sets, rules, DFA states and LALR states.