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com.calitha.goldparser Namespace

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Class Description
AcceptEventArgs Event argument for an Accept event.
CGTReader The CGTReader is for reading a Compiled Grammar Table file and parsing it so that a tokenizer and parser is created.
CommentReadEventArgs Event argument for a CommentRead event.
GotoEventArgs Event arguments after a goto event.
LALRParser The LALR Parser is used to parse a source string into tokens and rules.
Location The Location defines positional information of the input that is being parsed.
NonterminalToken The nonterminal token is created when tokens are reduced by a rule.
ParseErrorEventArgs Event arguments for the Parse Error event.
ParserException ParserException is throws when an unexpected situation occurs while parsing. For example if the LALR parser is in a state where no actions can be taken.
ReduceEventArgs Event arguments for the Reduce event.
Rule The Rule consists of the symbols that can be reduced to another symbol.
RuleCollection Type-safe list of Rule objects.
ShiftEventArgs Event arguments for the Shift event.
StateStack The stack of LALR states for the parser. It is used to store the current and previous states, which is usefull if a reduction occurs.
StringTokenizer This class is used to split a string into tokens. It needs a Deterministic Finite Automata to accomplish this.
Symbol Abstract symbol implementation.
SymbolCollection Type-safe list for Symbol objects. The class contains constant symbol objects for the pre-defined terminal symbols.
SymbolCommentEnd SymbolCommentEnd is the symbol for the comment end token.
SymbolCommentLine SymbolCommentLine is the symbol for the comment line token.
SymbolCommentStart SymbolCommentStart is the symbol for the comment start token.
SymbolEnd SymbolEnd is the symbol for the end-of-file token.
SymbolError SymbolError is the symbol for the error token.
SymbolFactory The SymbolFactory is for creating a symbol identified by a record in the fil content.
SymbolNonterminal SymbolNonterminal is for symbols that are not directly linked to one token.
SymbolTerminal SymbolTerminal is a symbol that is linked to a token.
SymbolWhiteSpace SymbolWhiteSpace is the symbol of white-space tokens.
TerminalToken Terminal token objects are retrieved from the tokenizer.
Token Abstract class representing both terminal and nonterminal tokens.
TokenErrorEventArgs Event arguments for a token read error.
TokenReadEventArgs Event arguments for the TokenRead event.
TokenStack Stack of tokens and reductions.


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