Calitha - Introduction

Calitha is a software company, which only consist of me, Robert van Loenhout, now. Calitha aims to provide high-quality and easy to use software libraries, components and solutions. Extensive use will be made of open-source libraries and open standards, such as those of W3C. Not many products have been published yet, but quality is more important that quantity when it comes to supporting the software engineering process.

One of the products available is the Calitha C# GOLD Parser Engine. This library can be used to parse text in the sample project or YOUR .net application and construct a parse tree. This process is similar to using Lex and Yacc, however with the GOLD Parser the process of creating the parser tables from the grammar is separate from the source code.

Calitha Collections is a JavaScript collections framework with a similar API as the Java Collections framework.

You can use the repository to download the product versions that are available. A product version is usually separated in a download for the binaries (application and/or library), sources, and documentation.

Please, feel free to contact me about offering me an interesting job, suggestions, bug reports or feature requests.